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The Generator-Line Enclosure Exhaust System provides a shroud made of poly-carbonate in black with a temperature tolerance of 250 F.  The shroud captures both cooling and exhaust air emissions for the EU2000i & 3000is and cooling air exhaust emission on the EU6500is/EU7000is.  Simply attach the shroud with provided self-tapping screws to the black plastic sound cover of the generator.  The holes are pre-drilled in the shroud to be used as a template.  The collar comes riveted to the shroud, then attach the flexible, expandable aluminum tube to the collar with the worm drive clamp.
The EU2000i, EU2200i and EU3000is use 4 and 5 inch flexible, aluminum tubes respectively.  Because the aluminum tube carries hot exhaust gas as well as emitted, heated cooling air, it can get hot and must be mounted to material that can withstand high temperature.   The separate exhaust pipe on the EU6500is and EU7000is must also be routed along material that can withstand high heat to prevent damage or even fire.
The cooling air intake for the EU series generators is at the control panel side and emits with exhaust at the opposite side around the muffler (EU2 & 3) and separate upper rear vent on the EU6500is/EU7000is.

  For the EU6500IS/EU65IS and EU7000is/EU70is  
 Exhaust Only # EUX70GP $89.00
Includes Custom Exhaust Adapter of Durable 14 Gauge Steel,  High Temp Grafoil Gaskets, Exhaust Clamp, 33 Inch Flex Exhaust Pipe, Hex Screws and Wrench, and Install Instructions.

Shipping Included to the 50 States
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Generator Shed.
EUX70 Exhaust System
Entire System includes both combustion exhaust (EUX70GP) and cooling air exhaust #EUX70 $269.00

You need to determine if the cooling air exhaust components are required to prevent overheating from recirculation of the emitted, heated cooling air. 

New!  Combination Combustion Package   EUX70GP and 1GDV
#2GDV  $185.00
5" Wall vent #5GDV $40.00
For EUX3,  EUX70
Includes stainless worm clamp and pre-crimped
4" Wall vent for EUX2 #4GDV $40.00
Includes stainless worm clamp and pre-crimped.
Please contact us for longer exhaust tubes.  32" standard with kit when fully extended.
Wall Vent for Fresh Air Supply
Exposed view of generator "enclosure" for depiction only in         utilization of directional cooling air flow and exhaust Use heat resistant material for the construction of your enclosure An air intake vent must be provided most preferably on the control panel side of the generator.
New!  Wall mount attachment for the EUX70 & EUX70GP systems.  Includes high heat gaskets,  washers, and clamp.   #1GDV  $95.00

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Email: rickd@generator-line.com
EUX70SD  $180.00
Cooling Air Emission Components for