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The Generator-Line fuel systems utilize clear polyurethane 1/4 inch tubing and nylon fittings for durability and chemical resistance.  The system provides an alloy replacement fuel cap allowing the original fuel cap to remain intact if the extended run time is not required.  Tanks also come standard with fuel gauges.
System available with or without the fuel tanks.  Standard 1/4 inch NPT thread for marine tank use.

Honda EU1000i and EU2000i generators employ a fuel pump actuated off of the vacuum of the engine.  As the fuel level drops in the tank, a vacuum is created which will then begin to draw off of the external supply tank.  Completely fill the generator fuel tank before operation to more effectively create the vacuum.
Shipping included to the 48 states.
EUF236 6 Gallon $169
Alloy Replacement Fuel Cap
3 and 6 Gallon Tanks with Fuel Gauge
For the EU3000is, EU6500is, and EU70000is, Contact Paul Wolaver at Pinellas Power Products for assistance and guidance in choosing a fuel system.  Those particular models require integrated fuel pumps installed.
[Pinellas Power Products](http://www.pinellaspowerproducts.com/)

3 and 6 Gallon Dual Generator Extended Run Fuel System
#EUF123 $189 and #EUF126 $219
Phone: 303-955-4124
Email: rickd@generator-line.com
#EUF233 3 Gallon $149