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EU3WX2 Wireless Remote 
WX Wireless Remote Controls for Honda EU3000is/EU30is, EU7000/EU70is, and EU6500is/EU65is

Introduced in 2006, the Generator - Line wireless remotes provide convenience for RV, remote cabin, and commercial applications. The radio frequency signal travels through walls up to a maximum distance of 90 to 100 feet, depending on conditions. The EU3WX is now offered in a one or two transmitter version and our more recent addition to our wireless control systems, the EU7WX for the EU7000is/EU70is, is a simple plug 'n' play install. 

The EU3WX wireless remote for the EU3000is/EU30is equips the generator with an automatic choke with an ability of controlling the duration of the choke for varying starting conditions such as that cold morning camping in the Rocky Mountains.  It is not required to start the EU series generators with eco-throttle "off".  Honda only recommends the "off" position to allow the generator to warm up quicker.  The generator will start in either "on" or "off" position.  The EU3WX has been in production for 12 years with over 30,000 sold globally.  It is the least expensive and simplest system to install available on the market.  The installation of the wireless remote does not compromise the normal factory operation or cosmetics of the generator.  WX series remote system also available for the EM5000is/EM50is and EU6500is/EU65is (EU65WX2) 
Please contact us for warranty replacement parts or service requirements. Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Detailed, full color install and operating instructions
Auto Choke with controllable duration on EU3000is/EU30is
Now with heavy-duty metal
 gear servo.

Up to 7 Hand-held Transmitters may be Used with Each WX System​ with Start/Stop and Auto-choke (EU3) Function 
Part # EU3WXST $44.95
EU3WX Single Transmitter for the EU3000is/EU30is $259.00
EU3WX2 Dual Transmitter kit for the EU3000is/EU30is  $295.00
EU7WX Wireless Remote for the EU7000is and EU70is (EU,AU)  $295.00
Radio Frequency Signal
Simple Plug 'N' Play Install
Multiple Transmitter Ability

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Mobile: 720-771-5482
CLICK HERE to watch how to install the EU3WX Remote for the Honda EU3000is 
EU65WX2  Wireless Remote for Honda Models EU6500is,
EM5000is/EM7000is with Dual Transmitters.  Now a Plug 'n' Play Install!  $259.00
Only Need to Shut Off Your Honda?
We have wireless remote control shut off only kits!

EU2000i #EU2WS $169.00
EU2200i #EU22WS $175.00
EU3000is #EU3WS $175.00
EG2800i #EG28WS $195.00

Please call our office to order these direct at 970-485-6001
or mobile 720-771-5482